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Can resimercial design conquer the Great Resignation?

Commonly known as the “Great Resignation”, workers are getting itchy feet and re-evaluating their work lives. In fact, a recent study found that up to 43 per cent of Australian workers plan to search for a new job in 2022.1 In these competitive times, workplace design company Evoke Projects examines resimercial office design as a strategy to conquer the Great Resignation.

What is resimercial workplace design?

A nice summary is that “resimercial design celebrates commercial quality, residential-inspired features over the sterile and standardized feel of corporate furnishings.”2 Audio-visual, smart technology and lighting are also important design elements that can bring a more homely feel to any office fit-out.

The aim of resimercial design is to make the office fit-out inviting and engaging to encourage people back to the workplace, particularly when they have a choice of where to work under hybrid or flexible work agreements. In today’s environment of low unemployment and itchy feet, it is even more important to create an enviable workplace experience for staff.

Why are employees attracted to resimercial designs?

As reported by 9NEWS, ELMO Software research data found that being forced to be physically present in an office is a big contributor to the Great Resignation.3 Concerns about COVID will not disappear for some time. Workers need to be tempted back to the office, not forced. Over the last two years, we have seen a blending of residential and commercial life as we worked from home, shopped from home and, well, generally stayed at home! Resimercial office design can give people the best of both worlds with the professional and social benefits of the office combined with comfortable and inviting workspaces.

Resimercial design can also improve productivity as people feel cared about, comfortable and happier. Motivation is higher and mental health is enhanced in a positive working environment. People will linger longer at work when the lines are successfully blurred between home and work.

Resimercial done well = the best of home and office life

Adding a few pieces of residential furniture is not resimercial design, but it’s a start if you are planning for bigger and better things later on! These principles will help with your commercial fit-out strategy.

  • Zones – design work areas for different activities including quiet work, collaboration and breakout time.
  • Comfort – add comfortable office furniture that welcomes and embraces throughout the office fit-out.
  • Aesthetics – create a pleasant environment with artwork, soft lines and colours that complement the zone’s function.
  • Flexibility – give the ability to move around a space and into a zone when it suits the worker’s task.
  • Social – being with other people is a major attraction of coming into the office so make it easy to collaborate and have that ‘water cooler chat’ or coffee break.

Office fit-out ideas

Consider these ideas for your next office fit-out.

  • Durable but attractive flooring – materials are so versatile today that there is no excuse for ugly flooring. Whether you prefer timber, carpet or tile, what greets you underfoot can easily be home-like, aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance.
  • Biophilia – bring nature into the office with plants, green walls, natural daylight and soft lighting.
  • Interesting materials – use sustainable materials with low odour and emissions. Textures and patterns will add interest to the commercial interior design.
  • Homely furnishing – sofas will always have a place in a resimercial office design. Table lamps, coasters, artwork and rugs will create a homely vibe.
  • Smart technology and AV – having spent much of the last two years using technology at home, resimercial office design will need to consider smart technology and AV. Virtual reality is a growth area with technology allowing all meeting attendees to feel like they are in the same room, as opposed to the disconnect that is felt with video-conferencing. In fact, entire virtual workspaces are possible where employees pop on a headset whether at home or in the office and work together in a digital environment.
  • Kitchen envy – design a kitchen, not a canteen. Bar stools around a central island, coffee machine, juicer, blender, matching cutlery… you’ll be surprised how much work gets done in this kitchen!
  • Sssshhhh – peace and quiet when working from home can be an elusive dream. Acoustic pods, quiet zones or a comfy bean bag in an office corner could be a temptation back to the workplace.

Don’t let your business be a casualty of the Great Resignation. Deep down, employees just need a good reason to stay. Flexible working, competitive benefits and some resimercial style are all you need!

For workplace resimercial design and fit-out ideas, please call Evoke Projects on 1300 720 692.



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