Safer healthier office design

Safer healthier office design

Given how much time we spend at work, our bodies are constantly exposed to the materials and furniture that have been installed in our office fit-outs.

The reduction of exposure to hazardous materials and ingredients is one of the aims of the WELL Building Standard® v2. WELL promotes healthy spaces that protect us from hazards, practices that can keep us well, and opportunities for us to connect with one another and live life to the fullest. This inspires our best work and our most productive selves.

Evoke Projects examines the recommendations for “Materials” under WELL v2 with recommendations for your next office fit-out or office refurbishment.

Sound minds are productive minds

Sound minds are productive minds

People can easily get distracted by noise within the office environment. Interior noise from speech and equipment has been shown to hinder productivity, focus, memory retention and mental arithmetic, while exterior noise from traffic and construction can be equally problematic. What can you do to create a quieter and calmer office design for your team?

office designs comfort productivity

Office designs that bring comfort and productivity

If we are comfortable in our working environment, it stands to reason that we will be more motivated and productive. Interestingly, ‘comfort’ is one of the building design concepts that can be benchmarked under the WELL Building Standard®. Evoke Projects looks at what the Standard recommends to create distraction-free, productive and comfortable indoor environments during your next office fit-out or office refurbishment.

In version 1 of the WELL Standard, the ‘comfort’ considerations embrace acoustic, ergonomic, olfactory and thermal comfort. We have covered all those factors in this article, but it is worth noting that the WELL version 2 pilot breaks these up into separate concepts, so we will be revisiting this in more detail later in the year.

let there be light

Let there be light – keep your team at the top of their game!

Sleep, productivity and mood are all affected by light. This is because of the human ‘circadian rhythm’, our 24-hour internal clock. In simple terms, when it is dark, our brain sends a hormone signal to make us tired, while light has the opposite effect. If our circadian rhythm is upset, we are likely to feel weary in the daytime and yet have difficulty sleeping at night.

water is good for the soul and the office

Water is good for the soul, and the office

Staying hydrated has many health benefits. Our long, hot summer may be over, but consuming at least 2.7 litres of fluid a day from food and drink helps to maintain energy levels and brain function. Water also reduces the likelihood of headaches and muscle cramps, while helping to hydrate our skin.

If you manage an office, your staff will thank you for providing a source of good quality drinking water. It’s easy to get busy and forget to hydrate regularly, so nice tasting water will encourage everyone to drink more water. The environment will thank you too if you can get rid of some of those plastic water bottles that you probably see around you on every other desk!

Evoke Projects has been reviewing the International WELL Building Institute’s standard on water quality, and we have some tips for you to consider for your next office fit-out or office refurbishment.

office design for the evolving business

Office design for the evolving business

Is there any business that has not evolved during the last few years? Most businesses have been affected by the changing nature of work, driven by technology, generational change and more flexible working models. The evolution of work will continue and the best course of action is to ensure your business is ready for the future, whatever that might bring.

At Evoke Projects, we loved Anetta Pizag’s chapter on evolving workplaces and office design in her book, Create a Thriving Workspace. There was so much good material to consider that we cannot cover it all in this article, but we have highlighted some ideas for your next office fit-out or refurbishment.

office design for the diversified business

Office design for the diversified business

Businesses today are more diversified than ever. They recognise that a diverse range of skills and personalities helps to compete in a world full of diverse buyers. This presents a challenge to office designers because employees will have different work preferences. Before you embark on your next office fit-out or refurbishment, read Evoke Projects’ tips for designing your office to cater for this modern workforce.

productive workplaces

How distracted is your team?

Distraction can play havoc with productivity in the workplace, and you might be surprised at the small things that can affect concentration. Evoke Projects looks at ways to reduce distraction by implementing productive office design strategies during your next office fit-out or refurbishment.

how smart is your workplace

How smart is your workplace?

A smart workplace is one in which team members are provided with the tools, environment and flexibility to achieve their best. Lots of people working to their optimum ability means higher creativity, productivity and, at the end of the day, profits for your business. Evoke Projects examines how you can create a smarter workplace.

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