Evoke Process

The Evoke Projects’ process is pivotal in obtaining the optimum result and meeting all your project delivery objectives.

EXPLORE… workplace strategy

We start with a detailed dissection of who you are as an organisation, your team, your business objectives and what
you stand for. This investigation stage will form the basis for the commercial interior design phase and if we perform in
listening, we will deliver the ultimate personalised solution.

Our approach to every modern office design project is founded on 2 of Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: ‘begin with the end in mind’ and ‘seek first to understand and then be understood’, along with WELL Building Standard concepts to ensure the health of your team can drive your business forward.

To create a commercial interior design that not only achieves your operational objectives but will also increase your
team’s engagement, productivity and retention, our designers listen and learn. They engage in one-on-one meetings with your key team members, as well as conducting team surveys. It is vitally important that we gain an in-depth understanding of your organisation in order to achieve the best project delivery result.

The fundamental strategic elements that need to be considered and woven into the fabric of your physical workplace

  • Allowing your team choice in their work style
  • Promotion of effective team collaboration
  • Advocacy of team wellness
  • Implementation of effective change management strategies

DESIGN… and development of custom workplace solutions

The commercial interior design team at Evoke Projects are absolutely passionate about modern office design and will
hold your hand throughout your exciting journey.

Design is so much more than just aesthetics and plans on paper; it requires a holistic approach and can really make
a difference to the well-being, engagement, motivation and productivity of your team. If your commercial interior design embraces wellness and puts your people first, it really can change the potential success of your business.

It is imperative that we are intelligent as to the use of your brand and cultural objectives to ensure that your physical
environment reflects who you are, and what you stand for as an organisation. True design genius will bring out the DNA of your organisation and allow your team, suppliers and clients to feel an emotional attachment to the space.

With state of the art 3D visualisation, you are provided with the tools to make educated decisions along the way
about the features, fixtures and finishes you select for your workplace.

Evoke Process

CREATE… project delivery and construction

Our in-house Project Delivery and Construction Project Management team bring together all the skills and services
required, so that you can focus on running your business and rely on one highly capable team that’s accountable for
your entire project.

Should you partner with Evoke Projects for this phase of your project, you are assigned a dedicated Project Manager
who becomes your primary point of contact for the duration of the office fit-out or refurbishment.

Communication is the key to the success of any project and as part of our Project Management and Quality Management System processes, you will receive a weekly update about where the office fit-out or refurbishment project is at, including progress for that week and highlighting items for the following week.

From certification and statutory requirements through to final completion and move in, we will seamlessly manage the creation of your new modern office design. Our methodology and approach to meeting delivery of the complete scope of works in the required timeline is stipulated in our Quality Management Process, which is certified to ISO9001:2015.

Our QMS process is customised to each contract and can include:

  • Business Strategy and Continuous Improvement
  • Design Documentation and RFQs
  • Project Order Processing
  • Project Mobilisation
  • Procurement and Contracts Administration
  • Project Management and Construction
  • Practical Completion
  • Final Project Completion
  • Service and Warranties

Our team will communicate with you every step of your journey so that you know exactly what is happening at any
given time and what you are getting, so there are no surprise…

Evoke Process

We start with a detailed dissection of who you are as an organisation, your
team, your business objectives and what you stand for

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