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high tech office design trends

Hi-tech office design trends

Technology means that traditional 9-5 desk jobs are no longer the norm. More is demanded of employees, with email-enabled smartphones expanding the working day. Globalisation has added to this trend, particularly in Australia, as most of the world is at work during our early mornings and night times. For this reason, office interior design trends are tending towards hi-tech solutions that enable employees to participate fully in our new flexible working world.

In our final article for the Modern Office Design series, Evoke Projects examines the main considerations for a modern hi-tech office interior design.

Use the latest AV technology in your office interior design

Video conferencing facilities reduce the need for staff travel, which means lower business costs and more productive employees. At a basic level, tablets (e.g. iPads) can be used for Skype or Facetime calls but the sound and visual quality can be poor. An office interior design that incorporates a dedicated space for video conferencing can house high quality equipment and staff will feel as though they are in a ‘meeting’.

Use HDMI or DisplayPort connections for high quality digital video and audio. Consider LED projectors for long life lampless projection. Other AV trends include video walls, touchscreens and collaborative team workspaces fitted out with the latest communication technology.

Mobile office interior designs

Any new office design should embrace mobile phone and tablet charging hubs as well as laptop docking stations.

Paperless offices

The implementation of hi-tech office interior designs is leading towards increasingly paperless offices. This means that allowance should be made for alternative file storage solutions such as Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and iCloud.

Flexible working is vital in the hi-tech office world

Burn out and stress related illnesses are on the increase so there has to be some flexibility built into a world that expects staff to be ever attached to their smartphones and laptops. Design your office technology resources so that staff can work from home, not only ‘out of hours’, but also as an alternative to making the daily commute. This will require laptops, tablets, secure servers and encryption technology.

Flexible working should also take into account the holistic needs of employees for more motivated, productive and healthy staff. Holistic office interior design considers the whole person’s interaction at work (physical, mental and social) including noise factors, lighting, heating and cooling, office furniture, interior design, colours, workflow, filing and processes, resources available and space use.

Evoke Projects can help you with holistic office design and space planning for a hi-tech and mobile office. For more information on office interior design and office refurbishments and fitouts, please call Evoke Projects on 1300 720 692.

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