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Inspire your staff to do their best

You may not want to go as far as Google, with Lego and playground slides in the office, but there is definitely a lot to be said for an office environment that inspires and motivates staff.

Jerry Kennard, Managing Director of Evoke Projects, an Australian business specialising in efficient workspace design, explains: “It has long been recognised that productivity will increase in well-designed offices because staff are motivated and have an emotional commitment to their employer. According to research, the increase can be as high as 36%.

“What constitutes a well-designed office is debatable because everybody has an individual preference. But that’s the answer—you need to create an office that has something for everybody. This is achieved through ‘combi’ offices, which are a mix of individual offices and shared-use zones, open space and quiet areas, conference rooms, breakout and functional areas.

“It’s also important to think about daylight, temperature and colour, all of which can affect motivation, creativity and concentration.

“Place 2.5 is an example of the ‘combi’ approach to office design and furniture, providing ways of using space efficiently and economically but with a focus on staff productivity. The name Place 2.5 is derived from a social science concept that defines our home and work as places 1 and 2 in our world. Then there is a ‘3rd place’, such as a café, where we go to recharge. Place 2.5 is half way between work and recreation, with office solutions that reinvigorate and motivate employees.

“There are a myriad of opportunities to increase productivity with Place 2.5. Business flexibility is also given priority with multifunctional storage solutions and easily configured privacy and acoustic screens.”

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