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Integratedliving Wellness Hubs

“At integratedliving we have recognised the need to develop specialised health and fitness centres for older Australians to feel comfortable in engaging in physical activity. By raising awareness of the benefits of physical activity in reducing the prevalence and severity of chronic diseases and depression, we hope to engage more inactive older Australians in rural, regional and remote areas to become active, subsequently reducing the negative health statistics for older Australians in these areas.

Staying mobile plays an integral part in remaining independent and healthy as people age and the Wellness Centre help customers build their muscle strength, improve their balance and coordination and get their confidence back so they can get out and about in their community and keep doing the things they love.

The Centres are also a hub for people remain socially connected and a comfortable and relaxing place where people can meet others of a similar age.

integratedliving partnered with Evoke to bring us our Wharf Rd, Newcastle office space and headquarters in 2017. Evoke exceeded our expectations while working to our brief and within our financial parameters.

We wanted to continue our strong branding and the modern and vibrant feel Evoke created those years ago in our Wellness centres and knew they could deliver for us again.

An integral factor for integratedliving in creating the Wellness Centres was for the spaces to be supportive of the equipment and services we wanted to provide while being an inviting and motivating space for customers.

In managing our multi-site projects, Evoke are always on point. They are always on hand to offer the best and most cost effective solutions for our needs and to help us support customers to achieve the health and wellbeing outcomes. Evoke didn’t just design from our brief, they understood integratedliving’s visions, values and customer-focus.

When issues have arisen – and these have been varied across the sites – Evoke has presented us with effective solutions with a variety of options. Evoke’s solutions are educated and they always explain the benefits and possible outcomes of each option. Their communication with us and understanding of integratedliving’s goals with the Wellness Centres has ensured any issues have been dealt with promptly and successfully.

Our Wellness Centres are running at full capacity and operate an average of 4-5 classes each per day.

We are serving older Australians across the spectrum of functional ability and fitness in welcoming and fun environments.

Demand for the Wellness Gym and services exceeded our expectation with a growing waitlist across sites.

Exercise Physiologists, Allied Health Assistants and Personal Trainers have identified the rewarding aspect of working in the Wellness Centres which has increased employee satisfaction and commitment to the project philosophy.

Results measured by customer satisfaction, compliments, feedback and demand indicate that the Wellness Centre have been very well received and customers are seeing positive health and wellbeing outcomes”.

Catherine Daley, Chief Executive Officer

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