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Every successful medical fitout is founded on a solid strategy and medical design

“Begin with the end in mind” was advice first given by Stephen Covey in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Whether it be a Dental surgery design or a Medical Practice, If you start with a clear understanding of your Medical or Dental Fitout goals and vision, then you are more likely to achieve your aims.

Healthcare design should never be about pure aesthetics, but be focused on the human experience. It should target the heart of your business: Patient Flow, Staff Flow and Information Flow.

Space planning for medical fitouts

At Evoke Projects, we believe that space planning to improve practice flow is foundational to the success of your practice or clinic. In order to achieve the ultimate result for your Medical or Dental fitout, our team place utmost importance on taking the time to obtain a solid understanding of your vision and the objectives for your business.

Medical Fitouts

Does your Medical or Dental fitout motivate your staff?

Your Medical or Dental fitout has a huge impact on staff motivation and even their willingness to get out of bed each day. Most people spend the majority of their waking hours at work and commuting. Work occupies a lot of thought-time; therefore, doesn’t it make sense to give employees something to look forward to, somewhere they want to spend time?

Design development for medical fitouts

Our passionate team of designers understand the need to create a warm and welcoming environment for your patients, at the same time as providing for a highly functional space for your team to operate efficiently and effectively. They will personally work with you to create the ultimate medical, dental or healthcare design, that ticks every box and reflects your brand and identity.

This is truly when the magic happens… when the form and function combine with strategically chosen colours, textures and lighting. We’ll help you plan and design a space that welcomes clients and patients and lets them know they’ll be well looked after.

Time and time again, clients say to us: “We never thought of doing that, but it makes so much sense”. That’s because our interior designers approach every project from the client’s view point. We add value to practices in a way that they never conceived when they decided to embark on a Medical or Dental Fitout. Let Evoke Projects show you what excellence in healthcare design is really about.

Healthcare Design Case Study – My Doctor

Medical fitouts that motivate

Progressive Healthcare providers recognise the importance of ensuring that their fitout emulates the culture and brand of their practice. The furniture, fittings and finishes that you choose for your Medical or Dental fitout can really make a difference to the motivation and productivity of your staff.

Evoke Projects works hard to understand your practice, your brand and your culture. Then we make sure it is reflected in all aspects of your Medical or Dental surgery design, including:

* mood lighting
* feature colours
* brand elements on the walls or floors
* statement pieces
* custom-made furniture and fittings

Read about the Evoke Projects culture and why that makes us perfect for your next Medical or Dental fitout project.

Medical Fitout Case Study – Hunter Women’s Health Clinic

Evoke Process

We start with a detailed dissection of who you are as an organisation, your
team, your business objectives and what you stand for

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