does your office design appeal to millennials

Does your office design appeal to Millennials?

Never has it been more important for employers to understand the emerging workforce. With websites such as Glass Door and Seek providing a platform for employees to review their workplaces, jobseekers have more information than ever before. The ambience, culture and comfort of an office can be greatly improved with clever office design, so Evoke Projects has some tips to encourage your staff to rate your workplace highly.

practical office design

How practical is your office design?

Office design is often driven by your available real estate, particularly the size and shape of the workspace. While potential layouts will naturally be affected by the usable space, you can maximise your use of space and thereby your productivity potential. Evoke Projects offers this advice on practical office design:

increase your teams productivity

Increase your team’s productivity

Look around your office. Feel the vibe. Is it a busy, high-functioning office that conveys energy and the pursuit of excellence? Do you feel that every employee is giving 100% and believes in your brand? If you think there’s room for improvement, follow Evoke Projects’ tips for increasing productivity in your workplace.

evoke mobile workplace strategies

Five ways you can benefit from a mobile workplace

There’s no disputing that smartphones and tablets have revolutionised the way we work. For the most part, these changes are positive: greater productivity potential, better collaboration and smarter working.

But, and it’s a big BUT… the positives can so easily become negatives if you don’t structure your office interior design to suit the mobile workplace. It’s important that productivity doesn’t lead to burn-out and that privacy doesn’t suffer in the quest for collaboration.

Evoke Projects has helped many clients benefit from the mobile workplace through innovative office interior design strategies, so here are our top five tips.

a modern office design that drives employee motivation

A modern office design that drives employee motivation

A recent study determined a modern workplace design can increase employee motivation and productivity. The results indicate that a motivating force for employees is the physical environment of the workplace as it represents status which has an effect on job satisfaction and performance. Staff motivation can also be heavily impacted by how satisfied employees are with their day to day working conditions.

Providing employees with a choice of work styles and continuing to combine open plan designs with focus and collaboration zones are the modern office design trends for 2016. Professionally designed office layouts will achieve the ultimate outcome for your team’s specific needs and produce the results you are after; this will generally requires a mix of zones but should always be tailored to the individual workplace’s requirements.

How your office deisgn impacts team performance

How your office design impacts team performance

A happy team is a productive team. Your office design has a substantial influence on your employees’ happiness so as 2016 gets into swing, Evoke Projects looks at how a new office fitout can improve the team performance in your workplace and also help you become an ‘employer of choice’.

Get motivated! Be productive!

Lighting the fires of motivation in your workplace

Lighting the fires of motivation in your workplace

Have you ever noticed how your mood is affected by light? That burst of energy on a bright, sunny day certainly seems harder to summon up on a rainy morning. Interestingly, the same is true in the workplace, so Evoke Projects examines the relationship between office lighting and productivity, with tips for your next office refurbishment or fitout.

How does office lighting affect productivity?

Open Plan Office

The pros and cons of an open plan office

If you are considering an office refurbishment or a new fitout, you will have to choose between different office layout options. Open plan is still the most popular choice for many businesses, so Evoke Projects takes a look at the advantages and disadvantages of an open plan office design.

high tech office design trends

Hi-tech office design trends

Technology means that traditional 9-5 desk jobs are no longer the norm. More is demanded of employees, with email-enabled smartphones expanding the working day. Globalisation has added to this trend, particularly in Australia, as most of the world is at work during our early mornings and night times. For this reason, office interior design trends are tending towards hi-tech solutions that enable employees to participate fully in our new flexible working world.

In our final article for the Modern Office Design series, Evoke Projects examines the main considerations for a modern hi-tech office interior design.

Office Work Styles

What work styles suit your team?

Having seen office interior design trends move from hierarchical based private cubicles to one-size-fits-all open plan spaces, modern workplace design is now somewhere in between. In our third Modern Office Design article, this week we look at office designs incorporating multiple zones to suit different work processes and team needs.

Work styles are becoming increasingly important as it is recognised that motivation and productivity are improved when employees are satisfied with their workplace. This means giving staff the best environment to perform their work—and that environment may need to change during the day according to the task, hence different work zone designs.