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Office design trends 2017

Office Design Trends for 2017

As 2017 gets under way, Evoke Projects brings you the latest office design trends for your office fit-out or refurbishment plans.

It’s all about you

The most important aspect of your office design is that it reflects your brand and culture. Trends are worth considering during an office refurbishment, but ultimately you want a workplace that creates the best environment for productivity.


Successful companies prove consistently that workplace branding is a great employee motivator, and it helps to retain the best staff. This isn’t a new trend, but one that is becoming more important. Employees who are engaged with your brand message will be motivated to represent your company’s objectives. As an example, Lego offices have fun hotspots, and brick sculptures are used as partitions.

If you are planning an office refurbishment, put a real focus on your reception area, which is a key opportunity to greet visitors with a striking brand message. You can use aspects of your logo and corporate colour creatively throughout your office design.

Colour fiesta

If you’re keen to introduce some modern colours into your office design palette, Pantone’s 2017 colour trends will be of interest. Earthy tones, such as Kale and Hazelnut, and primary colours like Lapis Blue and Primrose Yellow are predicted to be popular for 2017.

Colours influence mood. Highly saturated, intense colours (e.g. bright red) will stimulate people, while softer, muted colours (e.g. pale orange) have a soothing effect. Blue promotes productivity and efficiency, while yellow is great for creativity. Different hues of a colour can change its impact dramatically.

Whichever colour you choose during your new office fit-out or refurbishment, make sure it works well with your branding.

Modern finishes

Domain is reporting that terracotta tiles, cork (a great noise absorber) and metallic finishes are the materials to watch in 2017.

Evoke Projects recommends that on-trend finishes are used in moderation during an office fit-out to avoid being caught out by fads that date an office design too quickly. Instead, artwork and ornamental pieces are a fantastic way to introduce short-term modern elements.

And remember: a classy and stylish finish will never date.

Future proof your office design

Flexible office design has never been more important than it is now. Activity based working is here to stay. Choose office furniture that facilitates the tasks to be performed in each work zone. Not only does it improve productivity but it also reduces real estate space costs. For more about activity based working, read Evoke’s article on Five ways you can benefit from a mobile workplace.

By adopting a flexible layout and buying modular office furniture, you can future proof your office well beyond 2017.

Keep people and devices charged!

It is impossible to write about office design trends these days without mentioning technology. WiFi and data networks make productivity so much easier. Wireless desktop chargers are a popular addition to offices.

Take the opportunity during an office fit-out to add integrated technology options. For example, meeting pods and panels can have built-in VGA, RCA, HDMI points, USB charging, 10 amp power and TV screens. Make it easy for your staff to stay productive, and you will reap the rewards!

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