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Office design trends for 2020

Office design trends for 2020

January always evokes those feelings of ‘out with the old and in with the new’. And why should your office design be any different? If a new office fit-out, refurbishment or relocation is on the cards for 2020, read about the latest office design trends from Evoke Projects.

1. How colourful will we be in 2020?

The minimalist, neutral Scandinavian style is becoming less popular as we move towards darker, bolder and brighter colours. A more uninhibited and carefree approach will see 2020 office fit-outs lift the mood with pops of optimistic and inspiring colour choices.

Nature continues to weave her way into the office but with less earthiness than we saw in 2019. Brighter, natural colour palettes will be more popular for 2020. A colourful office refurbishment is a budget-friendly way of being on trend this year.

2. Greater collaboration through technology and office design

Collaboration is the key to better productivity, both human collaboration and via technology. Cloud solutions and mobile devices will increasingly keep people connected with each other but technology can also bring people together physically. A great idea for 2020 is to move all printers away from workstations. People will be encouraged to move around the office to print and copy documents. This leads to collaboration and has subtle health benefits.

The office fit-out trend towards creating collaborative spaces is not new for 2020. However, it has become entrenched in the psyche of office designers who now aspire to provide a better employee experience through these spaces. A breakout zone is just the start. Think beer fridges, pool tables, fitness climbing walls and your very own barista!

3. Resimercial – is it even a word?

Yes, resimercial certainly is a word in the office design space for 2020. A combination of ‘residential’ and ‘commercial’, we now have a name for this office fit-out style that blends home and work elements. If the workplace is warm and inviting, staff feel more motivated to be creative and productive as the best elements of their business persona and their home body come together at work.

For resimercial office design, soft furnishings, ambient lighting, colour and comfort are a good place to start. Employees have their own preferences so some eclectic mixing will cater to a variety of ages and tastes. Activity based zones are another way of mixing up the office design elements. You might choose lounge style furniture in the quiet spaces, modern industrial chic in the collaborative zones, and high-tech minimalism in the workstation areas.

Invest in good quality resimercial office furniture for durability; those lounges will be put through their paces!

4. Open plan office designs that give true flexibility

Flexibility and adaptability are the 2020 buzzwords for office fit-outs and office refurbishments. Open office spaces and modular furniture that can be adapted to different types of work will give you the biggest bang for your buck. Conference rooms with moveable partitions provide the ultimate versatile office space. Stackable tables are space saving and flexible, while height adjustable tables can be a workstation in the morning and a meeting hub in the afternoon.

5. A healthier 2020

Hardly a day passes by without a news item about our health. Whether it’s eating less meat, exercising more, drinking less or supporting our mental health, there’s always a conversation to be had. Workplaces that reflect these conversations not only support employee health, but will also be regarded as on-trend, better places to work.

In the last few years, we have seen large corporates take up the healthy workplace challenge. In 2020 and beyond, smaller workplaces will embrace a healthier ethos. Evoke Projects has some ideas to consider for your next office fit-out or office refurbishment:

  • height adjustable workstations
  • natural light-filled areas to recharge the mood
  • exercise stations
  • meditation areas
  • climbing walls
  • several community spaces, rather than one coffee room
  • an outdoor community space for fresh air and re-energising (not for smoking!)

6. Biophilic office design continues its march forward

Biophilic design brings environmental features into the office design to emulate nature. Exposure to nature encourages the release of hormones which decrease blood pressure and heart rate, leading to calmness and relaxation. In fact, a case study at the University of Oregon showed that biophilic architecture reduced absenteeism for office workers, in their case by 10 per cent.1 While a full office fit-out can truly embrace biophilic office design, a minor office refurbishment could introduce:

  • a vertical garden
  • a water feature
  • hanging plants inside and out
  • office storage with built in planter boxes

Even these small steps can have a positive effect on mood.

7. Sustainability will never be out of fashion

While we’re on the subject of nature and the environment, sustainable office design is now considered a regular part of planning for a new office fit-out or refurbishment. In 2020, there is more choice than ever before of good quality office furniture that ticks the boxes for both aesthetics and sustainability.

At Evoke Projects, our office design team can help bring your office up to date for 2020. Importantly, we know the difference between a trend that brings real productivity improvements and a fad that is just for fun. We never compromise on good office design principles that deliver good value and real results.

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