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Every successful office fitout is founded on a solid workplace strategy and office design.
“Begin with the end in mind” was advice first given by Stephen Covey in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. If you start with a clear understanding of your office fitout goals and vision, then you are more likely to achieve your aims.

Office interior design should never be about pure aesthetics. It should target the heart of your business: better workflows, increased departmental synergies and opportunities to be more productive.

Office space planning

At Evoke Projects, we are masters in the art of office space planning to improve productivity. We will work with you to understand your objectives for your business.

Our office interior designs will change the way your staff work, including activity-based work zones and a mix of open-plan, breakout and private office spaces.

Time and time again, clients say to us: “We never thought of doing that, but it makes so much sense”. That’s because our office interior designers think outside the box. We add value to businesses in a way that they never conceived when they decided to embark on an office refurbishment or fit-out. Let Evoke Projects show you what excellence in office interior design is really about.

Office Design Case Study – Oxford University Press

Office Fitout

Does your office fitout motivate your staff?

Your office fit-out has a huge impact on staff motivation and even their willingness to get out of bed each day. Most people spend the majority of their waking hours at work and commuting. Work occupies a lot of thought-time; therefore, doesn’t it make sense to give employees something to look forward to, somewhere they want to spend time?

Office fitouts that motivate

Many companies have recognised the importance of ensuring that their office fitout emulates the culture and brand of the company. Think about Lego, where brick sculptures are used as partitions, or Virgin, with a full-size cockpit in the communal space. Google promotes fun and active working in its office fitout, with playground slides in the office.

This might seem over-the-top to the average Australian business, but the principles are sound. The furniture, fittings and finishes that you choose for your office fit-out can really make a difference to the motivation and productivity of your staff.

Evoke Projects works hard to understand your business, your brand and your culture. Then we make sure it is reflected in the office furniture, fittings and finishes of your office fit-out design. Examples include:

* mood lighting
* feature colours
* brand elements on the walls or floors
* statement pieces
* custom-made furniture and fittings

Read about the Evoke Projects culture and why that makes us perfect for your next office fit-out project.

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Office Refurbishment

Reinvigorate your staff!

It is more than likely that your business has changed a lot since your last office refurbishment. We all know that office technology, office furniture products and best-practice office layouts evolve constantly to help make our working lives more productive and more flexible.

Evoke Projects is at the cutting edge of the latest office industry developments and research recommendations. An office refurbishment by Evoke Projects will reinvigorate your staff and your business through:

* Better space optimisation
* Maximum return on investment
* More productive and modern work spaces
* Flexible floor plans that can be adapted as your headcount changes.

Office refurbishment: should I stay or should I go?

Whether to relocate or stay put and undertake an office refurbishment is often a dilemma when premises are looking tired and near the end of lease. Consider the following:

* Does your landlord want to keep you as a tenant? If so, there may be some lease renewal incentives and the potential for good negotiation.
* Could an office re-design give you better space optimisation? An office relocation makes it tempting to keep doing the same thing in another place, without really thinking about the opportunities that an office refurbishment presents.
* Staff typically regard a refurbishment as a positive investment in the future of the company, while a relocation is just an upheaval in their life.
* An office refurbishment will generally cost less than office relocation, giving you a greater return on investment.

Read about why the culture, team and office refurbishment methodology used at Evoke Projects makes us the best choice for your next fit-out. Then, please call us on 1300 720 692.

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Evoke Process

We start with a detailed dissection of who you are as an organisation, your
team, your business objectives and what you stand for

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