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    Senior Interior Designer

    Kania Sachrudi

    With over 15 years’ experience in Commercial Interior Design, Kania is one of Evoke’s Senior Interior Designers and has an in-depth knowledge in Workplace Design; creating environments that support business’ needs and inspire staff. She designs with imagination, passion, and enthusiasm; she loves to curate spaces that are inventive and unique; she believes that dynamic spaces tell a story about the connection between the quality of our lives, and the spaces we occupy.

    Kania can manage large-scale projects analytically, without impacting on the creative element. Her technical knowledge enables her to take programme and budget into account to produce sustainable and high-quality spaces, ensuring spaces are functional, dynamic, and sophisticated, improving the team’s day-to-day working life. Kania really enjoys collaborating with Evoke’s clients, colleagues, and contractors, and through strategic thinking and problem solving she creates mindful and constructive spaces.

    Kania Sachrudi
    Senior Interior Designer

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    They listened, understood what we needed, and nailed it. The design element of the project completely exceeded our expectation to the point that every time I walk into our space.

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