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    Mar Carrasco

    Mar is a registered civil engineer from the Philippines and he brings experience and unwavering dedication to both the fields of estimating and sports. His extensive background includes serving a diverse clientele from the US and Australia, where he has refined his expertise in structural design, project estimation, and client communication.

    With prior experience as a team leader for estimators and structural designers, he has developed a flexible problem-solving method, ensuring client satisfaction at every phase of a project. Committed to delivering results that meets expectations, he continually seeks to broaden his skill set across various trades of estimating.

    Also, drawing from his background as an athlete, Mar recognises the pivotal role of teamwork in achieving shared goals, further enhancing his collaborative capabilities in professional settings. Additionally, his insatiable curiosity drives him to learn and master multiple software tools, enhancing his efficiency and effectiveness in project execution.
    Above all, Mar values accountability, embodying the principle of taking ownership and delivering on commitments with integrity and diligence.


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