Harris Partners

Always Open for Business

Harris Partners Real Estate, based in Balmain, NSW, specialise in the sale of residential property. They approached Evoke Projects to manage the first stage of their agency refurbishment, which included an upgraded reception, a new boardroom and a meeting area.

The challenge presented to Evoke with this project was to refit the whole front section of the real estate agency, while enabling the business to continue to operate during the work. Naturally, purchasers and vendors had to visit the agency, so it needed to be clear that Harris Partners were still open for business.

Geoff Adams, General Manager of Harris Partners, was impressed with the way the team handled the project. “They staged the fitout so that there was always an access pathway for staff and visitors to use the premises. Safety of course was always paramount, so it definitely created extra complexity for the tradespeople, but they just got on with it, using ZipWall temporary partitions.”

“The team were really flexible”, Geoff recalled, “and avoided working near the door when we needed them to. They kept mess and noise to a minimum and it may seem a funny thing to highlight, but the tradies were really polite! The staff noticed that.”

When asked why Harris Partners selected Evoke Projects, Geoff was quite clear. “They have an established reputation for good quality work and we knew that their experience meant they would be able to resolve any problems that developed along the way. As it happens, I’ve never known a project flow so smoothly so there were no problems, but I guess that is down to their experience as well. Their attention to detail ensures nothing is overlooked.”

Geoff was really pleased with Evoke’s suggested layout and design improvements. “Evoke proposed using part of the front office space for an open-plan visitor meeting area with privacy screening. This is a handy addition to our agency. We have the new conference room for confidential discussions but sometimes it’s nice to sit down with clients for a more casual chat and we now have plenty of space for that. The design improvements were also achievable within our existing budget which was fantastic.”

Evoke finished the project within the agreed four weeks, accommodating Harris Partners’ request to work during their quieter New Year period. Everything was completed to budget and the new agency certainly makes a statement in Balmain.

“We feel like we have more of a presence now,” Geoff said. “Staff are naturally proud and motivated by our new look. We also have the space to give clients more personal attention when they visit us. Evoke Projects have now quoted on the next stage of our refurbishment: the rear office section.

We’re happy with their quote and are now gearing up to really take our agency to the next level. I have every confidence that Evoke Projects will help us get there, with minimal disruption and a professional job.”