Blum Australia

Sydney – 423 sqm

Scope of Works

  • Workplace Strategy
  • Concept Design
  • Design Development
  • Design Documentation
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management

Blum engaged Evoke Projects to refurbish their existing back-office staff areas. The motivation for the change was to utilise the existing space better to accommodate the growth of the business. The aim was to encourage staff movement and collaboration throughout the office, maximising the use of the different spaces provided. Through clever space planning, additional workstations were added along with a variety of meeting rooms and a new open collaborative space.

As part of the new office fit-out, all existing partitions and workstation cubicles were removed to create a bright and open working environment. Open plan workstation areas with low height screens now support the collaborative environment. Electric height adjustable workstations encourage healthy workplace habits and enable staff to stand at their desks.

Subtle divides between departments are created with planter storage units to establish dedicated zones without closing off these areas entirely. To cater for the open plan environment, private quiet rooms are now part of the office design along with a variety of enclosed meeting rooms with effective technology in place. Meeting booths, a touch down zone and two open collaborative areas give staff alternate areas to interact, meet and work away from their desks. New flooring throughout and feature black ceiling areas provide a bold feature throughout the office.

The exciting new office fit-out reflects the Blum brand and the innovation and quality of their product.