Central Coast Disability Network

Central Coast, NSW – 300sqm

Scope of Works

  • Concept Design
  • Design Development
  • Design Documentation
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management

Client Objectives

CCDN offers a vast range of direct and referral services to people living with a disability Central Coast. The company is in the process of rebranding their logo and visual guidelines and wanted their new office space to be reflection of their new visual identity.

Their new identity was bright and modern so this was used as inspiration for the entire office design to break any clinical feel. Finally, the office space needed to be professional and welcoming for their guests.

Project Specifics

The space plan is mostly open plan and private spaces were created where needed for consultation, meeting and training rooms.

The reception area was inspired by the new branding which includes angular lines with the reception counter positioned to allow for a large welcoming entry with LED lighting which is visible from the street.

The employee open plan workspace includes personal workstations, storage and acoustic dividers to provide them with their own personal space. The common areas were strategically placed away from open plan office so employees can move freely around in the office. Feature coloured vertical fins have been used to define spaces.

The employee kitchen breakout area opens to a sheltered outdoor space and the reception area features a café bench coffee space for guests.

Colours and textures were selected based on the new visual identity. Colours were cleverly implemented using coloured carpet feature tiles, doors and vertical screening. Light and bright materials were used with contrasting textures to provide an overall professional, modern and exciting office.