Defence Housing Newcastle

Carrington, Newcastle – 758sqm

Scope of Works

  • Provide a new office environment that brings the two companies departments together through the use of shared facilities – Kitchen, Utility zones and Training / Meeting / Quiet rooms
  • Focus on upgrade to technology within the meeting spaces.
  • Create collaborative zones in which staff can meet in a more casual environment supported by technology.
  • Cater for growth within teams with additional workstations.
  • Ensure corporate colours and emphasis on branding and culture are used throughout the office.

Client Objectives

Defence Housing Australia provide quality housing and related services to Defence members and their families. Evoke had the pleasure in carrying out staged works for DHA in Carrington, Newcastle, who took on additional floor space to their tenancy for their growing team. It involved turning warehouse space into a mezzanine level at the same height as the existing office space, to reconfigure office space conducive to a more functional office flow and catering for additional team members. They wished to add collaborative spaces, training facilities and to relocate the kitchen to take advantage of the amazing view.

Project Specifics

The client remained occupying the space during construction which consisted of two stages and setting staff up in temporary work zones during each stage. There were two main department synergies, in which one was heavily focused on customer service calls, requiring attention to acoustics solution within the space. Consideration was given to a solution to increase the level of light within the space due to only a small number of windows down one side of the tenancy. The floor finishes from existing space to new mezzanine area were integrated into the overall solution. New furniture was utilized throughout with only a few key pieces of existing furniture reused and bulkheads were created between different ceiling heights and beams within what was the existing warehouse, converted into the new office space. The building timeframe was focused around the clients peak season demands of each team for the least disruption possible.