Delta Electronics

Sydney, NSW – 519sqm

Scope of Works

  • Concept Design
  • Design Development
  • Design Documentation
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management

Delta Electronics is a major engineering conglomerate made up of multiple brands. They came to Evoke to create a space that defined and brought all of their brands together while giving their employees an innovative place to work and create.

The client’s brief was based on dividing the space into 3 areas, these spaces included entry, client and presentation space, the workshop and the sales employee section all spaced over 2 floors with interconnecting stairs. The clients aim was for the entry and client space to be fit for purpose and to have a very high tech, innovative look and feel when bringing in new clients.

The major concerns for this project was very fast timing and a tight budget, which Evoke managed to adhere to.

As Delta Electronics holds so many brands it was very important for the group to ensure the branding was done correctly and was thought out.

We had to give flexibility within the individual brands as these are and will be ever changing. To do this Evoke highlighted the main brands (Delta and Eltek) throughout the space drawing your eye to it and mounted the smaller brands onto acrylic boards that were displayed on shelves, meaning the client could swap and display the different brands as they changed or evolved. It was paramount that the Delta signage was visible through the shop front and customers could identify it when coming to the front of the shop and not get confused with the other brands. This entry area was to be industrial but very refined, representing and displaying the work of the engineers.

To create an industrial space Evoke removed the existing vinyl flooring and exposed the concrete aggregate below. We also removed the false ceiling and sprayed it out black and used suspended lighting to give the sense of a polished warehouse feel. To give that feeling of a technologically advanced space which is vital to Deltas brand, Evoke installed a large TV wall in the presentation space to be used specifically for clients or to run Delta’s work on loop throughout the day creating a functional but very high tech aesthetic look and feel. Space utilisation was also very important to Delta as they had a lot of product to display. Evoke took advantage of the space underneath the stairs to create custom joinery and make use of a space that otherwise would be wasted.

The upstairs workspace was to be open plan but suitable for a loud sales team. This involved workplace strategy on Evoke’s side to ensure the open planned space was designed to suit this type of working. To do this we used acoustic material between each workstation and created private booths and rooms for quiet and private work. Evoke curated all of the furniture through the workspace to ensure productivity was achieved in the spaces as well as giving employees an innovative and inspiring place to work.