Marprop Real Estate Investors

Melbourne, VIC - Entrance and End of Trip Facilities works

541 St Kilda Road offers over 8000 square meters of office space across 6 levels, a cafe and provides 126 car parking spaces. Lighthouse Project Group (LPG) and Evoke Projects were engaged to undertake Design and Construction works to certain areas of the building to provide a modern environment and facilities for tenants.

The intent of the proposed design elements and construction works for the project was to provide tenants and visitors with a physical environment that supports these key objectives;

  • Improve Occupier Experience with aesthetic upgrades to common areas and by improving the flow throughout the building with directional signage and effective wayfinding design
  • Support Wellbeing through creation of modern facilities that encourage tenants to lead an active lifestyle outside of work
  • Create a sense of community by introducing a variety of communal areas that encourage collaboration and interaction with coworkers and visiting guests

A cosmetic uplift to the lobby design creates a space that enhances the overall experience upon entry to the building. Bold black features contrasted with white and warm timbers modernise the overall look and feel. Timber features and plant life have been introduced into the design to soften the area and introduce elements of nature to support mental wellbeing. The incorporation of informal collaborative booths results in a welcoming space for users to enjoy. Repainting and re-tiling of the external surfaces of the building provided a clean canvas for additional features to the external environment and facade. A variety of seating areas were provided for guests and staff visiting the café.

Whether you cycle to work or go to the gym at lunch the newly provided end of trip facilities provides building occupants with all that is required to be active during their day. The facilities include additional bike storage, showers, change amenities and lockers as well as a tyre pump and hydration station for those that ride bikes. The change rooms are fully equipped with ironing stations, drying cupboards, hair dryers, hair straighteners and a complimentary towel service.

Wayfinding throughout the car park from the back entrance creates a clear directional path through to existing and additional bike racks, toilets, showers and the lobby entry.