Peter Dunn

Peter Dunn is a firm believer in the benefits of preparing for the future before it catches up with him.

As the principal of a thriving Singleton business, Peter Dunn Real Estate, he knew it would make sense to provide a more efficient environment for his staff before that need became critical.

“The business is going well,” he said. “So as well as needing to organise our space better for our present needs, I wanted to improve that space now, rather than being caught short in the future. I felt it was better to do it before we needed it.”

Before the refurbishment the agency had been operating from two adjoining premises. When Peter decided there was a need to reorganise staff and offices into one section to improve accessibility and productivity, he remembered Evoke Projects.

“I liked the look of what they did, so I thought I’d give them a try, he said. When I met with them, it confirmed my thoughts. I especially liked the fact that their designer was such a good freehand drawer. He was able to draw what I was talking about and give me a good image without having to reply on a computer which I appreciated. I was also impressed to learn that everything was going to be custom built to suit our needs.”

“And the fact that Evoke Projects were prepared to sub out to some local contractors had a special appeal for me because it fitted in with what I’m trying to do here in town as well.”

In transforming the space from a showroom and an office into several individual offices, a drafting room and separate reception area, Evoke needed to visualise the amount of privacy required and get this ratio right while still allowing for the transfer of natural light without the premises.

“I’d considered glass walls but after visiting two offices that had it done that way, I realised it wouldn’t suit us,” said Peter. “It made the whole area transparent and, when there’s anything leaning against a wall, created an impression of untidiness.
Evoke were able to draw up a plan that allowed for glass cut-outs throughout the interior walls of the office. This allowed the natural light through without needing to have full glass walls, which was wonderful.”

The refurbishment and fitout work took about three months from start to finish, with the agency staff moving into one area while Evoke worked in the other, and then transferring to the completed section while the rest of the work was carried out.

“Overall it worked very well. It wasn’t a major inconvenience at all,” said Peter. “Everyone is very happy with it and the local Tourism Board even came in to film it for their promotional video which says a lot about the quality of the job.

Evoke Project’s eye to detail was impressive and they were easy to deal with.
Nothing was a problem and I have a very impressive office now. It’s exactly what we wanted.”