Rehabilitation Services

When a business grows, it needs more staff. Over time, this adds up to a need for more space to accommodate those extra people.

Finding the space is one thing. Creating its layout to be functional and fitting it out with the right furniture and other equipment is another.

So when the Sydney office of Rehabilitation Services found itself about to spill over onto yet another floor of the building it occupies, the decision was made to call Evoke Projects to provide a fitout and furniture package that would suit the needs of the expanding organisation.

“We’d been in our Kent Street building for about six years and were in three different suites on three floors,” said Managing Director of Rehabilitation Services. Derek Borean. “We’d been fortunate to have space become available within the building in line with our growth and consequent need for new areas.”

Aware that a fitout would be needed before staff could move into their new area, Rehabilitation Services asked Evoke Projects to provide them with some design and layout ideas for the available floor space.

“From the artwork that was done and the images that were provided, we had a really good idea of what the space was going to look like when the work was completed, so that was extremely useful,” said Derick.

The work then proceeded in as trouble-free a manner as anyone could have hoped.

“We were happy with everything – the timeframe, the standard of the service provided and the quality of the furniture.

“The extra space and the way it has been designed for use has improved efficiency and people are now a lot happier working there. There’s more room, it’s well laid-out and it accommodates the work that we need to do.”