Strategic Group

Strategic Group, a Newcastle computer systems integration company, have recently relocated from its previous office in Hamilton to Wickham Harbourside. Chris Boswell, CEO, needed a company to design and manage the office fitout before they moved in.

Strategic Group prides itself on being innovative and collaborating with their clients, so when it came time to move offices, they asked their clients to recommend fitout companies based on their experiences. Chris commented. “Evoke Projects were the stand-out. Most companies will spend half a day with you and then provide a quote. Evoke Projects, on the other hand, explained that if they spent a lot of time up front understanding our requirements, not only would we get a better result but also our quote would be very accurate. I’d heard horror stories about contract variations so this seemed a good idea.”

Making the most of views and space Jerry Kennard, Managing Director of Evoke Projects, and the design team listened carefully to what Chris wanted to achieve. “The new office has beautiful harbour views and even though the floor-to-ceiling windows provide a great outlook, Chris wanted all the staff to have a view from their workstations,” Jerry said. “This project was also very much about making the most of the space and doing it in stages to meet the needs of Strategic Group.”

The first stage was completed recently, comprising of four offices downstairs along with surrounding open plan work areas, a large kitchen and staffroom plus a storage room. The upper mezzanine currently has a generous sized boardroom; future training rooms and meeting rooms are planned.

Increased productivity is just one business improvement that Chris has noticed along with inter-office communications. “Each business group used to be in a separate office so you had to walk through corridors to have a face-to-face conversation. Now, the 600 square metre open-plan space encourages people to talk to each other.”

A large kitchen area also encourages the team to spend time with each other chatting and relaxing rather than them feeling they need to go out at lunch time to have a break. Informal meetings are also held in the staffroom so productivity has increased because of the extra communication.

When you next plan an office refurbishment or commercial fitout, think about the savings in time and money if all the office refurbishment experts worked for the same company. Evoke Projects provide a single point of contact who is fully accountable for everything from the design concept to the commercial fitout completion, including furniture design and manufacture. One seamless process.