Underwriting Agencies of Australia

Newcastle, NSW – 132sqm

Scope of Works

  • Concept Design
  • Design Development
  • Design Documentation
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management

Underwriting Agencies of Australia (UAA) specialises in insurance cover for industrial and commercial plant and equipment. UAA engaged Evoke to rework their existing office; the space was to accommodate a boardroom, offices for both CEO and CFO, and to have workstations in the open space. The challenge was to arrange all workstations, offices and the boardroom in a way that provided access to the balcony and natural light.

This being the Head Office for UAA, the space had to well represent the company. An industrial / modern feel was chosen to convey this, and to soften this scheme earthy elements (such as timber finishes & faux plants) were introduced as well. The primary materials used were carpet and vinyl planks for flooring, timber finish worktops, warm white base colour for walls, medium grey for side walls and toned-down corporate red feature elements. Once you enter there is a clear presence and strong corporate branding, with the UAA logo in front on the boardroom glazing, the red triangle graphic drawing you in. A metal feature map indicates the countries UAA operates in and reinforces the global presence. There is small waiting area with a bench, small coffee table and a few ottomans.

In the breakout zone, the breakout table is solid and clearly marks this breakout zone, and can also function as temporary workspace. The faux plants help to clearly define the breakout area, soften and break the space vertically. There are CEO and CFO offices on each side and 2 workstation clusters of 4 desks positioned in the open space. The flow is barely obstructed and you are able to get views to outside from wherever you are in the office. At the entry area and extending to the kitchen / breakout area, vinyl planks in timber pattern were chosen. For the rest of space carpet tiles in plank format were used to help define the different zones, catering for different needs. There is an outdoor space with a high table, which is suitable for both recreation and occasional working space. A green wall adds visual interest and further softens the industrial feel, whilst a BBQ area entertains office guests.

The space offers great views to Newcastle’s Foreshore. Interior space was kept as open as possible to maximise access to the view. Boardroom doors were kept as wide as possible – so much so that they had to be brought in by crane! It was a challenge to fit everything outlined in the brief in this relatively small space, but the end result is worth the effort.