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Refurbishing for more office space? Seven secrets to success.

If you need more space in your office, you are probably considering a refurbishment or relocation. With extensive experience designing and managing numerous office fitouts, Evoke Projects shares seven secrets to success.

  1. If you only need extra space for a few additional people, or a new meeting room, clever design and furniture selection can increase capacity without leasing new space. For example, stand-up desks take up less room than traditional desk/chair combinations and can double as meeting space.
  2. Keep the kitchen appliance section small and functional, with an adjacent communal area that can be used for both informal meetings and lunchtime seating.
  3. Consider work flow and efficiency. Involve your employees in the decision making process (‘Why involve your employees in office refurbishment planning’ online) as they often have great ideas to improve space use and their own productivity.
  4. All offices need technology, lighting and air conditioning but they take up space and can present accessibility issues. Wiring and power points impact office layout options so consider whether Wi-Fi and mobile technology can be used to reduce permanent wiring. Ensure maintenance has easy access to the ceiling space otherwise your refurbishment may be pulled apart sooner than you think!
  5. You may need the space urgently, but there are good and bad times to refurbish during a lease period. If you refurbish too close to your lease renewal date, your landlord may be less accommodating at rent review time because your investment in the new layout shows your commitment to the building.
  6. Check that your new space plans conform to local council rules, disability legislation and your lease terms. Consult the ‘make good’ terms of your lease to ensure any changes will be easy to reverse at the end of your rent period. For example, modular partitions are easier to dismantle than plasterboard walls.
  7. Future proof your decision by avoiding current design fads that won’t last. Consider your long-term growth and flexibility needs and plan accordingly.

Hopefully, you found these insider tips useful. When designing your new office layout, try to create an office that has something for everybody, with a mix of individual offices and shared-use zones, open space and quiet areas, conference rooms, breakout and functional areas. Obviously, smaller companies will have more space restrictions but a shared-use zone will hopefully be possible.

Please contact Evoke Projects to discuss your next refurbishment and we can tailor our advice on space optimisation to your business. Call 1300 720692 for your obligation free chat.

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