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Is hot desking more than just a craze?

Published by Hunter Headline on 4th June 2015

Over the last few years, when people discuss office interior design, hot desking has been a buzzword.

Basically, hot desking means that staff don’t have a dedicated desk but take whichever desk is available at the time.

There are a few pros, such as the money that can be saved by businesses and the flexibility afforded by hot desking.

But this needs to be weighed up against the cons, the major one is the differences in how people like to work. Imagine a management accountant working quietly on compliance reports sitting between two marketing executives brainstorming the latest creative headline. Not a marriage made in heaven!

Also, human beings are typically territorial. They like their own space and it actually gives them a sense of belonging. This means that workers who hot desk can feel alienated from the workplace culture. They must also set up their desk space, chair and phone to suit them each new working day.

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