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looking and feeling good safely your office design essentials

Looking and feeling good, safely – your office design essentials

An office design that looks and feels good will keep employees motivated. This is important, as motivation helps to retain the best talent and reduce business operating costs. Did you know it can cost as much as 50 to 60 percent of an employee’s annual salary to replace them? *

With this in mind, employers of choice are embracing more holistic office design to improve the work-life balance. Lounge and breakout areas, activity based work zones, multifunctional furniture—they have so much to offer staff.

Yet employers still have a duty of care to provide a safe working environment, so it is important to introduce these modern office design trends safely. Evoke Projects shows you how to make your office look and feel good, safely.

office refurbishment planning

Why involve your employees in office refurbishment planning?

Generally, managers or business owners take responsibility for office refurbishments so that space and design objectives can be achieved and budgets watched. But as employees often spend a third of their day at work, there are some good reasons to involve them in the decision making process—with a few caveats as well!

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The importance of workplace branding

Think about famous brands. Perhaps logos and colours such as Cadbury purple, Coca Cola red or the Qantas kangaroo come to mind. If you think a little deeper however, you will realise that the strongest brands also reflect the total customer experience…Mercedes for luxury, Google for knowledge, Lego for fun.

Loyalty to a brand is the holy grail of marketing and achieving brand success takes time and commitment. Budgets are typically spent on external branding, with workplace branding limited to client facing reception areas. But even if clients don’t visit your office, there are significant benefits of branding in the workplace. In fact, you ignore it at your peril!

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