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Office design trends 2017

Office Design Trends for 2017

As 2017 gets under way, Evoke Projects brings you the latest office design trends for your office fit-out or refurbishment plans.

It’s all about you

The most important aspect of your office design is that it reflects your brand and culture. Trends are worth considering during an office refurbishment, but ultimately you want a workplace that creates the best environment for productivity.

RH Manly Reception desk wall meeting room door

The importance of workplace branding

Think about famous brands. Perhaps logos and colours such as Cadbury purple, Coca Cola red or the Qantas kangaroo come to mind. If you think a little deeper however, you will realise that the strongest brands also reflect the total customer experience…Mercedes for luxury, Google for knowledge, Lego for fun.

Loyalty to a brand is the holy grail of marketing and achieving brand success takes time and commitment. Budgets are typically spent on external branding, with workplace branding limited to client facing reception areas. But even if clients don’t visit your office, there are significant benefits of branding in the workplace. In fact, you ignore it at your peril!

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