Eirin Elgenes

Interior Designer

Eirin Elgenes Interior Designer


Eirin was raised in Norway by a creative family, including a singer/songwriter father. Even in high school, she was passionate about art and design, and this interest led her to pursue studies and a career in interior design.She has worked with Evoke Projects since 2013 including assignments in Spain and Norway.


Communication and Media Study (Norway)
Certificate in Interior Design (Norway)
Bachelor of Interior Design (Australia)


Eirin brings her flair to commercial interior design projects throughout Australia. She has an innate ability to understand client needs and translate those into creative office design solutions that transform working spaces. Eirin is highly organised with fantastic attention to detail. Her multi-tasking collaborative approach to projects makes her an invaluable member of the Evoke Projects’ team.


Eirin enjoys keeping fit through hiking, yoga, gym and Animal Flow fitness training. She also enjoys travelling and good food and wine.

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