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The importance of workplace branding

Think about famous brands. Perhaps logos and colours such as Cadbury purple, Coca Cola red or the Qantas kangaroo come to mind. If you think a little deeper however, you will realise that the strongest brands also reflect the total customer experience…Mercedes for luxury, Google for knowledge, Lego for fun.

Loyalty to a brand is the holy grail of marketing and achieving brand success takes time and commitment. Budgets are typically spent on external branding, with workplace branding limited to client facing reception areas. But even if clients don’t visit your office, there are significant benefits of branding in the workplace. In fact, you ignore it at your peril!

I Wish I Worked There!

Successful companies have demonstrated that workplace branding is a great employee motivator and helps to retain the best staff. For example, the book I Wish I Worked There, by Kursty Groves, reports on the most inspiring places to work. Many of these companies go much further than reception logos—they emulate their total brand experience within the office.

At Lego, there are fun hot spots in the workplace, children are encouraged to visit and brick sculptures are used as partitions. At Virgin, the communal space resembles an airport viewing deck and is complete with a full-size cockpit and a row of check-in desks.

A Brand That Welcomes Everybody

Reception area branding will welcome clients with style and a powerful message. Yet even if you deal with your customers over the telephone or online, greeting employees with strong branding every day will have a positive effect.

It’s even better if the whole office environment represents the ethos and culture of your brand. Employees who are engaged with your brand message will be motivated to do their best in representing the company’s objectives. This feeds a consistent and positive experience for the client, as well as brand loyalty.

Three Ways to Brand Your Workplace

  1. Use your logo and corporate colours creatively in the office. The reception area can make a grand statement but also consider branding your communal workplace areas.
  2. Whatever you sell, feature it within the office. For example, if you sell technology or it plays a big role in your service offering, use high tech elements in the office design and ensure your staff have access to the latest technology.
  3. Think about the total customer experience you want associated with your brand. Use lighting and special feature areas to reinforce that feeling throughout the office. At Evoke Projects, we recently managed the design and fit-out for Aspire Wealth & Protection, a company that helps clients to achieve a better lifestyle. We included mood lighting and ‘Aspirations Lounge’ for relaxation and informal chatting. This positive and relaxing environment sets the scene for both clients and staff.

In summary, companies that integrate their brand into the workplace will win the war for talent and the quest to retain clients. Talk to the design experts at Evoke Projects to find out more. Call 1300 720692 for your obligation free chat or see the website

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