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The secret to setting up

The secret to setting up the best healthcare practice

When your healthcare practice is considering a relocation or a new medical fit-out, the true potential of the site should be explored first. Healthcare fit-out company Evoke Projects explains how the site potential can be explored and why aligning with the right expertise in the early days is the secret to success.

There are many contributors to a new healthcare fit-out project, including people, regulators and site factors. Any one of these can cause a delay, a budget blowout or a disappointment. This can be avoided by planning thoroughly for your end goal. To quote Stephen Covey from his book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, we must ‘begin with the end in mind’.

The Evoke Projects team has created twelve steps to setting up the best healthcare practice.

  1. Property search
  2. Statutory planning research
  3. Initial design and cost planning = EXPLORE
  4. Business forecasting and plan
  5. Finance approval
  6. Property negotiation
  7. Legal conveyancing
  8. Town planning/certification
  9. Design development and equipment
  10. Property settlement and access
  11. Construction and approvals
  12. Equipment and IT commissioning

Step 3 of this process is arguably the most important for the entire project success. At Evoke Projects, we call this the EXPLORE phase. The EXPLORE phase ensures you can make a truly educated decision on the site and your medical fit-out plans.

The complete EXPLORE phase includes:

  • Establishing the project vision and brief
  • Identifying timescale, critical dates and schedule
  • Space planning, building footprint and review of approved DA, including a site survey
  • Initial healthcare design concepts including 3D concepts and Virtual Reality walkthrough
  • Defining the scope and presenting the budget so that you have a clear idea of costs

Seek first to understand and then be understood

To continue with Mr Covey’s wise words, ‘Seek first to understand and then be understood’ is the best approach to healthcare design. At Evoke Projects, we explore who you are as an organisation, your team, your business goals, your desired outcomes and what you stand for. We will seek to understand your business functionality and processes. Our healthcare designers listen and learn, by way of one-on-one meetings with your key team members, as well as team surveys. If we listen and understand, we will deliver the ultimate personalised solution for your medical design and fit-out.

This EXPLORE phase of the healthcare fit-out process is where you have real opportunity to save future time, energy and money. Bringing together project managers, architects, healthcare designers and builders to ‘value engineer’ a healthcare fit-out project at the earliest stage gives you invaluable information before you make a purchase or lease decision.

The value engineering that takes place through Evoke’s EXPLORE phase will extract the best value from your healthcare fit-out project throughout its lifetime.
Ö       The best site choice
Ö       Medical fit-out on time and to budget
Ö       Person-centred healthcare design for optimal physical and mental well-being
Ö       Physical environment that supports operational objectives for staff and patients
Ö       Workplace that attracts and retains the best talent
Ö       Healthcare fit-out that reflects the brand and culture you want to promote
Ö       Future-proof and scalable
Understanding the timing, costs and healthcare design concepts before committing to a site or a lease is an opportunity not to be missed.

Let the Evoke Projects healthcare design team partner with you to create an environment that helps you attract and retain patients and star performers to increase your healthcare practice’s overall success. Please call Evoke Projects on 1300 720 692 to find out more.

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