Veterinary Practice Design

Veterinary Practice Design

Good veterinarians talk to animals, great veterinarians hear them talk back… You already know how important it is to create a stress free experience for the precious animals under your care. Evoke Projects will help you take this to another level with a calming, comfortable and modern vet clinic design and fit-out.

Our vet clinic design team embrace the Fear Free Certification Program principles. This program aims to prevent and alleviate fear, anxiety, and stress in pets by creating a more positive clinical experience. Fear Free nurtures the emotional well-being of pets and provides veterinary professionals with the tools and techniques to provide the best possible care for patients.

Well-being is at the heart of everything you do from caring for pets, reassuring owners and providing a supportive and motivational workplace for staff. The importance of looking after the well-being of vet practice staff cannot be overstated—your vet design is the bedrock to every moment of their every day. A new vet fit-out with Evoke Projects will take care of your 4-legged and 2-legged friends!

Space Planning for Vet Fit-outs

At Evoke Projects, we believe that the way spaces work together is foundational to the success of your vet practice, clinic or vet hospital. The functional flow of animals, technicians and vet staff can transform a pet’s experience from arrival, through to consultation, treatment and recovery.

We use the Fear Free principles and the ASAV Accredited Veterinary Hospital Scheme to guide our own vet design standards. Each vet clinic design will be tailored to suit the business, and our space planning team will ensure they understand your processes and patient management workflow before creating design concepts.

Some of the vet design principles we embrace include:

  • Separating different breeds with the use of partitions, dividers or visual blocks
  • Outdoor covered waiting areas
  • Acoustics, ventilation and odour control
  • Zoned lighting and temperature control for waiting rooms, treatment and recovery areas
  • Tailored flooring material, skirtings and wall fixings for each zone
  • Workflows that minimise vets moving a patient through public areas
  • A vet clinic design that reflects your brand and identity.

Let Evoke Projects show you what excellence in vet clinic design is really about.

Vet Fit-outs

A nurturing and modern vet clinic fit-out will make owners feel at ease bringing their beloved pet for treatment. It will also shape your staff’s attitude to coming to work. Imagine providing an effective and comforting clinical experience within a ‘Wellness Spa Retreat’ environment. Your brand will become synonymous with care, wellness and relaxation.

Evoke Projects provides a complete vet fit-out solution from concept design to construction, taking into account building standards, patient flows, treatment types, equipment and pharmaceutical storage.

We offer carefully selected vet fit-out materials and finishes including non-slip and easily sanitised flooring, radiation shields for X-ray areas and viewing panels for patient monitoring. Our sound and lighting engineering provides the best acoustic and visual support for each zone. Ventilation and odour control ensures a comfortable environment for pets, owners and workers.

Please call the veterinary practice design team at Evoke Projects on 1300 720 692 to find out more about vet fit-outs based on the Fear Free principles.

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