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water is good for the soul and the office

Water is good for the soul, and the office

Staying hydrated has many health benefits. Our long, hot summer may be over, but consuming at least 2.7 litres of fluid a day from food and drink helps to maintain energy levels and brain function. Water also reduces the likelihood of headaches and muscle cramps, while helping to hydrate our skin.

If you manage an office, your staff will thank you for providing a source of good quality drinking water. It’s easy to get busy and forget to hydrate regularly, so nice tasting water will encourage everyone to drink more water. The environment will thank you too if you can get rid of some of those plastic water bottles that you probably see around you on every other desk!

Evoke Projects has been reviewing the International WELL Building Institute’s standard on water quality, and we have some tips for you to consider for your next office fit-out or office refurbishment.

Test your office water

Firstly, it pays to know what you are dealing with. The International WELL Building Institute recommends routine testing to make sure that chemicals aren’t present in the drinking water. WELL tells us that variations in temperature, pH and weather may affect the leaching rate of inorganic metals into drinking water sources, so that’s why regular testing is beneficial.

Taste your water

You won’t need any scientific testing to tell you whether your office water tastes good. A simple human test will suffice! If testing shows there’s nothing wrong with your water, but staff are preferring the taste of bottled water, you can look towards filtered water systems in your office designs.

Filter your water

Built in filtration systems will ensure your water tastes great out of the tap. They are easy to install retrospectively or during your next office fit-out or office refurbishment. Built in filtration systems now come with cold, boiling hot and sparkling water options.

Alternatively, standalone filtered water stations will do the job; at least it’s one big water bottle, rather than lots of small bottles! WELL recommends at least one dispenser is located within 30 metres of all parts of regularly occupied floor space (minimum one per floor), so bear this in mind with your office design.

Environmentally sustainable office designs

As they say, you can lead a horse to water… Get your staff on board for a more environmentally friendly office. If they are committed to reducing plastic bottle use, they are more likely to drink from your new water source.

Ridding the office of plastic water bottles is just one way you can move towards an environmentally sustainable office design. If you commit to office designs that are designed for wellness, you will also have a positive impact on the environment through better air quality, furniture made from renewable resources and natural light to reduce energy consumption.

A new office fit-out or office refurbishment is a great time to revisit the water quality in your office. Remember, it’s good for the soul! Please call Evoke Projects on 1300 720 692 to find out about office designs that focus on wellness.

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