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Office Work Styles

What work styles suit your team?

Having seen office interior design trends move from hierarchical based private cubicles to one-size-fits-all open plan spaces, modern workplace design is now somewhere in between. In our third Modern Office Design article, this week we look at office designs incorporating multiple zones to suit different work processes and team needs.

Work styles are becoming increasingly important as it is recognised that motivation and productivity are improved when employees are satisfied with their workplace. This means giving staff the best environment to perform their work—and that environment may need to change during the day according to the task, hence different work zone designs.

Modern office interior design = multiple zones

So what type of zones should you consider when designing your next office refurbishment or fitout? It is important to recognise that the office interior design layout should be tailored to your business, so these are just some examples of zones that Evoke Projects has implemented on office refurbishment, redesign and fitout projects.

Formal meeting spaces

It goes without saying that every office needs somewhere for formal or private meetings. In smaller offices, one room can serve multiple purposes. Clever office interior design can make one room suit a board meeting, a workshop or a brainstorming session. Think about all potential uses and incorporate appropriate technology and seating.

Design open collaboration office spaces

Give teams the opportunity to collaborate easily, not just in conventional meeting rooms. Ask your office interior designer to include meeting pods or booth seating around a table. Encourage your employees to be less sedentary during their workdays by implementing standing meeting tables with a media wall or screen for presentations.

Privacy booths

Staff may need private zones, particularly if they deal with confidential information. It’s not necessary within your office interior design to allocate private offices for everybody who needs to do private work. High back booth seating can work well, as can high partitions that give flexibility in office interior design and layout. Privacy booths can also aid staff concentration.

Breakout zones

The adage about ‘all work and no play’ also applies at work. The quest to retain the best talent is a never-ending battle in competitive markets. If staff are motivated and feel that they have some downtime, their innate sense of satisfaction is heightened and they are less likely to look for new pastures. Include breakout zones in your office interior design. A lunch area is an obvious choice, but don’t equate breakout with ‘not working’. Breakout zones are about getting people away from their desks and encouraging informal interaction in a relaxing environment. For example, a lounge refreshments area can foster informal meetings that move projects along while psychologically giving people a break. A media and charging hub can bring a team together to watch an online training video or presentation, while they recharge their phones and tablets.

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