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Workplace Design Trends 2023

Workplace design trends 2023

As we all return fresh-faced to the office for the start of a new year, workplace design company Evoke Projects looks at interior office design trends for 2023. Get some inspiration to update your office fit-out!

Don’t mention the C-word

While workers are fed up hearing about COVID-19 and its irritating offspring, businesses cannot ignore the continuing impact. Basic precautions in the workplace will increase public safety and reduce absenteeism. Have masks available and keep the hand sanitiser refilled (contactless dispensing machines are easily overlooked because they are not visibly empty – we have all felt the frustration of waving our hands beneath an empty dispenser!).

Review the condition of acrylic screen dividers, which can become faded and grubby-looking over time. Give your office fit-out a lift with new or clean screens. Find some handy cleaning tips here.

Industrial style interior design

Industrial-factory style is a major workplace design trend for 2023 with exposed pipes, bricks, low carbon raw concrete walls and metal design elements. Resimercial office fit-outs will also remain popular for 2023, with home-inspired lounge and kitchens in the workplace.

Monochrome, geometric patterns are in for 2023. Instagramable workplaces and Zoom-worthy feature walls are hot topics.

Hybrid working will deliver lower real estate costs

Hybrid working is a mix of remote and office working. It has been the primary mode of working since people returned to the office after lockdowns. Hybrid working is definitely here to stay as employees and managers recognise the benefits of focused work at home and collaboration and social connection in the office.

The workplace design needs to be adapted for hybrid working to maximise collaboration opportunities. Include playful areas such as a table tennis table, Xbox or music room to provide a better sense of community and attract workers to the office. As leases come up for renewal, businesses will reduce their real estate space needs to fit with hybrid working practices. This will deliver lower real estate costs to improve the bottom line.

Lighting up lives

Gone are the days of windowless rooms and fluorescent lights in the office fit-out. Well, that’s not strictly true, but if your business wants to be an employer of choice, those fluorescent lights will be gone in 2023! Light up the lives of your team with:

  • Ambient lighting
  • Adjustable, dimmable lighting
  • Sensor lights
  • Larger windows and skylights to increase natural light
  • Energy saving light globes
  • Circadian lighting which mimics sunlight patterns to reflect human circadian rhythm.

Signalling sustainability

There are two prongs to sustainable workplaces. There’s the planet saving type and the virtue signalling aspect. Virtue signalling is often presented as a bad thing, a public display of virtue to seek approval. However, in the workplace of 2023, saving the planet quietly is not enough. It is important to publicly demonstrate to staff and clients that your business is a sustainable workplace. Become an employer of choice and make people proud to be associated with your brand!

A modern office design and fit-out presents a great opportunity to do even greater things. Embrace natural materials, PEFC/FSC certified wood, low carbon building materials, recycled metals and natural ventilation opportunities. Review the air-conditioning temperatures to see if +/- a few degrees can save energy and money. Day to day, small steps will continue to make a difference, such as eco-friendly office appliances and making it easy for employees to re-use and recycle while at work.

Smarter offices

Technology in 2023 allows building managers to monitor all aspects of the physical environment including air, light and occupancy through sensors and space booking systems.

Technology such as Measuremen’s Sensor Connected Workplace can track workplace utilisation in real-time so that you can collect data and answer workplace design questions such as:

  • Is your person-to-desk ratio off?
  • Which teams need more space?
  • Are your meeting rooms too big, or too small?

Virtual reality is a game changer for video conferencing as all participants can wear a headset (whether at home or in the office) and collaborate and work together in a digital environment.

Multi-sensory biophilic design

Introducing natural elements to the office fit-out so that people are closer to nature is not a trend; it is a mainstream workplace design strategy. However, multi-sensory biophilic design that creates a more natural holistic physical environment is the latest workplace design trend for 2023:

  • Visual elements (e.g., light, colour and plants)
  • Auditory elements (e.g., the sound of waves)
  • Tactile elements (e.g., natural timber office furniture, room temperature)
  • Olfactory elements (e.g., the smell of flowers)

Paint colour – to balance, connect and revive

Dulux colour forecasts are always an interesting trend predictor. For 2023, Dulux has “three emotive palettes inspired by our need to reconnect with nature, desire for balance and calm, as well as reviving our spirits with joy and play”.

  • “Balance” features delicate pastels, oceanic hues such as soft greens, and deep moody teals and blues, punctuated with accents of deep garnet and near-black.
  • “Connect” features soft earthy neutrals, naturals, muted greens, and wheat yellows, combined with accents of warm deep brown, grey and charcoal.
  • “Revive” colour palette is creative and joyful, featuring soft blue and lilac used alongside vibrant emerald green, warm yellow and accents of playful pink and purple.

Pod, booth and bench furniture

Office furniture within the 2023 commercial fit-out needs to be versatile and flexible. Pods, booths and benches can be moved around the office fit-out as required, so they are the ultimate in versatility.

  • An individual pod gives privacy and peace to focus on work or to take some downtime.
  • Noise cancelling phone booths are hot for 2023, improving office peace and privacy.
  • Video booths are perfect for training or video conferences as well as saving vital real estate dollars on meeting room space.
  • Multiple person booths are great for small team collaboration.
  • Long benches are adaptable for all types of work and interactions. People can space out for some me-time or get together for collaboration.
  • Window benches with stools offer natural light and potentially a pleasant view. Make the most of these under-utilised spaces.

Open plan for maximum flexibility

An open plan interior office design can be quickly adapted to suit business needs. It works well when designing activity-based zones for collaboration, focused work and breakout spaces. An open plan physical environment provides the best opportunities for installing and relocating agile furniture such as pods, booths and work benches.

Please contact Evoke Projects on 1300 720 692 for more information on office fit-outs and workplace design trends for 2023.

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