Sydney 270 sqm approx

[24] 7.ai is a high tech artificial intelligence company based from the US with offices all over the world. The client had recently moved into an office on York Street in Sydney’s CBD that was relatively new however, lacked the companies branding and values. The fit out was functional with good bones but the flow and feel of the space was dull and needed lifting. The existing space was used as a mix of workspace and client space yet there was no delineation between the areas that made the clients feel they were intruding into the workspace, rather than feeling welcomed into a space meant for them. [24]7.ai’s brief was to create an open, functional and flexible client ‘showcase’ area that integrated seamlessly into the teams workspace. The space was also a way for [24]7.ai to manage the customer experience to a standard in line with their products and show that their space reflected themselves as a brand. For a technological based company it was important that the space was to be an interface between the client and their products. It was to showcase their offerings in a way the client can understand in a collaborative environment.

Evoke was to design a space that created an experience from the moment you walked out of the elevator to finding the client space intended. Graphics of the Company timeline and the company map were used in the reception area to address the entry point to the client from the lift lobby. This line of sight was then extended from the reception through plywood LED lit windows into the ‘CX studio’. These architectural elements throughout the space were both functional and were able to create the ‘silicon valley’ aesthetic. As the CX Studio was to be open Evoke used a new floor finish taken from the companies colours to be the main delineator of the space. Using a brick pattern the floor finish linked the two spaces together. The ‘CX studio’ was our main focus, creating an open space where they could bring clients to collaborate in a comfortable environment to demonstrate through technology and the new interface we created. Evoke created a partition system cladded in plywood that housed the technological aspects of the space while using the glass and lighting to create custom whiteboards and storage. All furniture was to be modular and bring out a vibrance and energy that the space originally lacked. The look and feel of the space was to stay inline and consistent with their global offices but also bring a little bit of the Silicon valley office to Sydney.