• Delta Laboratories

    Delta Laboratories
    Somersby, NSW
    1500+ SQM

    Delta Laboratories is a leading provider of cutting-edge solutions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and veterinary industries. Recently undergoing a comprehensive rebrand, the company wanted to reflect its new image in the workplace.

    • Concept Design
    • DA Submission & Council Approvals
    • Design Development
    • Design Documentation
    • Project Management




    Give us a challenge

    Evoke were brought in to give the sites a much-needed refresh, complete with a new fitout along with environmental signage and graphics designed by the branding agency End Of Work. The sites include both staff and client areas, with the main manufacturing warehouse situated at the “Maker Headquarters.”

    Real World
    The new design for Delta Laboratories was inspired by the fresh and energetic brand identity. Bright, moody color blocking and playful, curved design elements inspired by the company’s bottle and packaging icons were incorporated throughout the space. Flooring, joinery, furniture, fixtures, and lighting were all designed to showcase the fun and playful elements of the brand, while black architectural details added a sleek and sophisticated touch to appeal to the high-end beauty market.
    Feature lighting was also added to showcase eye-catching murals and products on display. The end result was a vibrant and engaging workplace that perfectly embodies the spirit of the new brand.

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