• Heal Urgent Care

    Heal Urgent Care
    Maitland I NSW
    425 SQM

    Heal Urgent Care Clinic innovatively bridges General Practice and Emergency Department services, offering prompt medical attention without hospital admission.

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    Dr Tim Stewart required a unique and welcoming environment for Heal Urgent Care, setting it apart from other clinics in Australia. The design focused on minimising waiting time through an efficient patient flow system. A comprehensive range of treatment bays and facilities were needed to cater to various health services. Patient privacy and comfort was also vital while maintaining an open and natural light-filled atmosphere.

    Real World
    Soft pastel colours, artwork, feature lighting, and ceiling features were utilised to enhance the overall ambiance and a breakout space with meeting facilities was provided for staff to retreat from the busy environment. Impactful external signage and meticulous wayfinding elements were developed to improve the patient experience and introduce the distinctive Heal brand identity.
    Dr Tim Stewart
    CEO & Medical Director
    HEAL Urgent Care
    "The design team were great. They listened, understood what we needed, and nailed it. The design element of the project completely exceeded our expectation to the point that every time I walk into our space I feel personally inspired."

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