Oxford University Press

Melbourne, VIC – 1345sqm

Scope of Works

  • Concept Design
  • Design Development
  • Design Documentation
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management

Client Objectives

Oxford University Press is the largest University Press in the world with offices located around the Globe. OUP’s Australian office made the decision to relocate to Docklands, Melbourne’s modern harbour development. Just west of the central business district staff would experience a new life at work with easy access to facilities such as transport, bars, cafes and open spaces on the waterfront.

The modern building and spacious tenancy would be a refreshing change for the team at OUP. With an open floor plate and natural light coming from 3 external faces of the building, Evoke had the perfect canvas to work with. We were set with the task of creating an office environment that encouraged collaboration, innovation and new ways of working, which had been an issue at the previous location due to so much disconnect between departments over multiple levels. OUP also wanted to incorporate elements to encourage customers to share their ideas and feedback, making them feel relaxed and at home. The environment was to assist in building honest relationships between customers and the team at OUP.

Project Specifics

The main reception is located directly off the lift lobby with a view through to the library and external windows. The library was designed to display OUP publications that can be accessed at any time and becomes a quiet area for reflection and time out. With only subtle divides between social and client spaces, a connection between these areas is created which enhances the customer experience, enabling them to feel they are part of the business.

A multipurpose environment was created that encourages impromptu catch-ups and idea sharing between staff and guests. Meeting rooms in close proximity to this central hub provide spaces for more formal and bookable meetings.
The breakout area consists of a variety of seating styles with technology to enable staff to set up and work here if they choose. With an operable wall dividing the breakout area and training rooms this gives the option to open the entire space for functions and events.

The open plan areas to both sides of the tenancy are flooded with natural light and a feeling of openness. A variety of collaborative settings, meeting rooms and quiet rooms are strategically located throughout these open areas. With the shift to open plan it is imperative that the design allows for enough quiet areas for focus work and confidential meetings.

Client Testimonial