• Beach Brain

    Beach Brain
    Sunshine Coast I QLD
    204 SQM

    Beach Brain is a Specialist Medical Practice on the Sunshine Coast, diagnosing and treating all problems relating to the brain and associated nervous system. The new space within ‘Vitality Village’ is to provide the Sunshine Coast with a modern, dynamic and comprehensive specialist medical practice.




    Give us a challenge

    The practice needed to induce feelings of calm and warmth for its patients, who are often nervous about attending their appointments. This presented a unique challenge for Evoke Projects, requiring a design that balanced aesthetics and functionality to create a soothing, inviting environment while ensuring efficient workflow and staff comfort. The corner tenancy provided a challenge whereby the entrance to the tenancy was situated right at the end of the corridor. Evoke proposed to create a digital signage solution at the front door which could display dynamic imagery and quickly help guests identify the correct tenancy from the lift.

    Real World
    Upon entrance, visitors are welcomed with calming, coastal artwork and greenery. The reception desk features soft curves through its fixtures and finishes including rounded carpet inserts, LED lit bulkhead and rounded Tasmanian Oak battens to reception.
    Beach Brain’s navy blue branding is prominent through the space and complimented by muted tones and timber. The circular addition to the branding and consult door signage further accentuate the softness and movement through the space. The entire floor can be dimmed for the patients, if necessary, with soft, disc wall lights guiding patients through the space.
    The light filled tenancy consists of six consult rooms including an allied health therapy room.
    A lovely staff kitchen provides space for short breaks outside of using the Vitality Village facilities.

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