• PRP Diagnostic Imaging

    PRP Diagnostic Imaging
    Central Coast I NSW
    400 SQM

    PRP Diagnostic Imaging provides X-ray, MRI, Ultrasound, CT & other radiology services in practices across NSW. The Contact Centre is home to an offsite team dedicated to meeting the diverse requirements of multiple imaging centres.




    Give us a challenge

    The primary goal of the project was to create a vibrant and welcoming environment for the PRP Contact Centre Team, emphasising ample light and a cheerful ambiance. Key design considerations included addressing acoustics in a bustling open-plan office, optimising natural light filtration, and integrating an exceptional breakout area.

    Real World
    The newly enhanced space offers diverse seating options to cater to various needs, promoting socialisation, facilitating quiet breaks, and providing study booths for students during their breaks. This versatility promotes a sense of community and individual well-being within the Contact Centre Team.
    To align with branding guidelines, subtle touches of PRP Purple were incorporated, harmoniously balanced with neutral tones throughout the space. Dome skylights were introduced into the ceiling, infusing the central area with additional natural light, creating a bright and uplifting atmosphere.
    Introducing sustainability, the project incorporated eco-friendly materials and practices throughout the space. This conscious choice aimed to reduce the project’s environmental footprint and promote sustainable design principles.

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