• PRP Diagnostic Imaging

    PRP Diagnostic Imaging
    Sydney I NSW
    790 SQM

    PRP Diagnostic Imaging, a trusted name in patient care and commitment within the radiology sector, is undergoing a transformation. They recognised the need for their interiors to reflect the exceptional service they provide to their community




    Give us a challenge

    PRP Warriewood serves as the pilot for this exciting design refresh. Evoke Projects was tasked with creating a space that prioritised both patient and operator experiences. Gone are the days of dim, clinical environments. Instead, a focus on well-being, light, and bright aesthetics take centre stage.

    Real World
    Function Meets Comfort: The design doesn't just look good – it functions beautifully. The layout optimises workflow, ensuring staff can move freely within the space and manage equipment efficiently.
    The Perfect Blend:
    The resulting interior is a modern, light-filled, and vibrant space that incorporates PRP's signature purple in a subtle yet impactful way. The design cleverly integrates their mission statements, further solidifying their commitment to patient care.
    This exciting revamp at PRP Warriewood sets the standard for the future of PRP Diagnostic Imaging facilities, prioritising both patient comfort and operational efficiency, all bathed in a welcoming and positive environment.

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