• The Children’s Doctor

    The Children’s Doctor
    Bella Vista I NSW
    110 SQM

    The Children’s Doctor is a unique paediatric practice combining doctors and allied health professionals in a number of key fields, providing continuity of care from infancy through to adolescence all under the one roof.




    Give us a challenge

    Dr Sharada of The Children's Doctor required a whisical and comforting space that puts her young patients at ease. Evoke Projects prioritised a design that seamlessly blends a playful atmosphere with a calming aesthetic.

    Real World
    Colour Explosion

    Pops of vibrant colours burst against a neutral white and timber backdrop. This energising colour scheme creates a visually stimulating environment without being overwhelming.
    Custom 'Bluey' Feature

    A playful, custom-designed 'Bluey' wallpaper serves as a focal point and instantly captures children's attention upon arrival.
    Light & Bright

    The space is bathed in light, creating a cheerful and airy atmosphere that puts young patients at ease.

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