• Australian Computer Society

    Australian Computer Society
    Canberra I NSW
    235 SQM

    The Australian Computer Society (ACS) is an association for information and communications technology professionals with 40,000+ members Australia-wide. Recently, Evoke was engaged to fit out their members and events hub in the ACT, which included back of house staff facilities.




    Give Us A Challenge

    The ACS design brief incorporated several key features, including an open and flexible function area that could be easily adapted for different working styles and transformed into a conference and workshop space. The overall design aimed for a sleek and contemporary look, drawing inspiration from major cities like Melbourne and Sydney, with a combination of bold black features, timber elements, and neutral greys to create a modern and professional aesthetic.

    Real World
    A breakout area with coffee facilities was included for networking and informal meetings, while staff work areas provided a productive workspace for ACS employees. Meeting rooms and a podcast room offered private and soundproof spaces for meetings and audio recordings.
    The sleek and contemporary aesthetic, inspired by major city locations, demonstrated a creative and innovative approach to design, incorporating bold features with natural elements.
    Integration of cutting-edge technology, specifically for presentations during conferences, showcased a forward-thinking approach to leveraging advancements in the field.

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